The Traffic Club of New York

Welcome to The Traffic Club of New York (TCNY). Founded in 1906, the TCNY is an organization of logistics professionals from the maritime, intermodal, rail, motor carrier, port, forwarding, customs, warehousing and allied distribution fields. Membership in the TCNY requires that an individual have interests and experiences related to the disciplines of transportation, logistics or related fields.

TCNY membership is comprised of executives from numerous railroads, ocean carriers, motor carriers, intermodal marketing companies, freight brokers, customs brokers, insurers, transportation lawyers, manufacturers and professionals who deal with the logistics industry on a daily basis. Members come from throughout the Unites States, Canada and Europe.

TCNY holds a series of well-attended educational and professional networking events throughout the year. For more information please browse our website or send an email to

Learn about the Inauguration of our Mentoring Program! For further details, visit our Mentorship Page.